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12 December 13


2013. Woah. Can you believe it? Crazy. Just….christ. 2013.

So much stuff happened, around the world i mean. Just so much. So much change, everything feels different. There’s gotta be like a word or something to describe this. Such a good year. The weather’s been incredibly mild. Tip-top year this one. 

Anyway let’s see what those twee-as-shit gals and guys over on Popical Island have been up to. 



'Death to Lie Ins' came out, your man was shouting about shooting politicians and singing love songs about Mayo. Bobby made a video for the hit single We Were Born Into Corduroy:

POPICALIA #17: Lie Ins, Cave Ghosts, Oh Boland in Anseo.

Jonny Fun and Padraig C made this video for Skelocrats:


Mumblin’ Deaf Ro (let’s say) narrowly lost out to Choice Prize winners Delorentos :( Still got this handsome-ass trinket:


Then So Cow and Squarehead made tracks to the USA, playing together in Austin, Texas a bunch before going their separate ways and meeting up with bands like Krill and The Saw Doctors up north.



No Monster Club, Cave Ghosts, Grand Pocket Orchestra and Ginnels came together to take part in The Community Games: 

Limited to 100 records, it sold out as soon as it was launched, sorry mate. Bobby made a video for that too:

Each member of The Community Games cast got their mugs on 10 copies of the album, who did you bring home that night?




Tieranniesaur released DIYSCO, darker, dancier and deadlier than their Choice Prize nominated debut.    

They were in The Sunday Times!


And made some videos.



Next up it was time for Groom to re-emergewith their first new choons since ‘Marriage’, one of the first Popical records. 

As a fun exercise and lesson in self-improvement each member of the band produced and recorded their own track. Ruan’s was the best, he’s so fucking good.

Then Ginnels became the first band on the island to release a Best Of when Spanish label Tenorio Cotobade put out ‘Plumes’:

POPICALIA #18: Groom, Cryboys, Los Cripis, Land Lovers in Siteation


New Skelocrats EP on the Eardrums Pop label:

New Paddy Hanna single from 2014’s ‘Leafy Stilleto’

POPICALIA #19: Paddy Hanna, Me & My Dog, Women’s Christmas in Siteation

Then No Monster Club headed west for the Americas. And what did they find there? 

Their new album is out tomorrow by the way:

Then we won the Guinness thing!! More news on that coming real soon.



POPICALIA #20: Land Lovers, Windings, So Cow in The Grand Social


And that’s it really, thanks for sticking with us and for reading all the way to the end of this post. If there’s links to buy stuff up above then please do buy it, it’s how we keep making it.

Be sound and be around this Christmas,
Real actual genuine love and thanks,
The Popical Crew xxx

22 August 13

Here’s some stuff that’s happened since we last bothered to update this yoke… 

Tieranniesaur released this

Lie ins released this


Groom released this

GrandpocketorchestraCaveghostsGinnelsNomonsterclub released this


Paddy Hanna put these out for free

People (and reviewers) seemed to like all this stuff too, Which was nice..

Oh, and there was gigs starring Groom, Cryboys, Land Lovers, Jonny Fun, Big Monster Love, Tieranniesaur, Skelocrats, Valerie Francis, The Run Ons, Ginnels, Oh Boland, Me And My Dog, Cave Ghosts, No Monster Club, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Squarehead, So Cow, The #1s, Land Lovers, The Objectorz and probably more.. 

Some of us played a few festivals like Castlepalooza, Westport Fest and Electric Picnic (next week) and some of us went off to other countries to play gigs. That was fun.

This was picked up too!

It’s very pretty.

There was probably more but that’ll do for now. 



19 December 12

That Popical Year


Ho ho ho. Merry effing Christmas and a sappy new year. We’re donning our Christmas jumpers here at the freezing cold Fort Chops (which became Popical Island headquarters in ‘12) and reminiscing about a bumper year of Popical activity. A lot has happened. We’ve been across to Galway, up to Belfast, over to Limerick and down to Cork plying our pop-wares to eager listeners. We’ve played festivals galore and some of us have been across the water in both directions. We’ve made records, videos and home-made album covers, and we’ve put on a LOT of gigs. Some of us were nominated for awards.

Our curated night, Popicalia, continued this year with some outstandingly notable performances from the likes of So Cow, No Monster Club, The #1s, Little Xs for Eyes, Skelocrats, The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Dott and Tierannieaur, as well as some amazing record launch parties from Walpurgis Family, Ginnels, Grand Pocket Orchestra and Mumblin’ Deaf Ro. Popical Saturday happened again in July and it was probably the best fun of the 3 editions, and certainly the best attended. We still have our Sick of Christmas Party to come on the 29th of the month.

Oh and did we mention the records? There were eight releases from Popical Island this year, which also saw the final instalment of our compilation series in Popical Island #3, a 23-song compendium of our own efforts and some of our favourite music around. We tried to flog these records (sometimes we succeeded) along with plenty of others at gigs and record fairs via our Shopical Island megastore.

To wit: we shall state once again as we did last year. We are not a label, and we do not have a budget. We are a collective of musicians and bands, each of whom put out their own records with the support of the collective. And in this time of crowd-sourcing, funding drives and other types of web-based pan-handling, we’d very much appreciate if, instead of us going down that road, you enable us to make more records the old-fashioned way: by buying the records we’ve already put out. We have much in store for 2013, with releases from Lie Ins, Tieranniesaur and lots more. So to remind you of what we just made up in 2012, read on.



"The lasting impression of a band kneeling at the altar of great music while keeping an eye open for more out-there opportunities" - The Irish Times



A set of sublime teenage symphonies, sounding like they were put together in a garage, mixed with a barrage of pleasing no wave elements and bursting at the seams with pop hooks… This is an album that’s impossible not to love. A triumph" - We Are Noise


May DOTT: ‘Button EP’

"There is an innate sweetness to the retro-pop on offer with knee-bending melodies, heart-warming harmonies and earnest lyrics" - We Are Noise



With this latest release, the Popical Island collective have once more gifted indie pop fanatics with something truly wonderful. Whether it’s the soft meandering of ‘River Valley Girls’, or the infectiously feel-good bop of ‘A Great Bunch of Lads’, the latest, and greatest, Popical Island compilation will leave you begging for more. Shame we won’t get it.” -


August GINNELS: ‘Crowns’

"The notion of ‘the producer’ has mutated in the past couple of years to a point in both commercial and underground dance and pop music where we talk about the person behind the laptop the way we now do football managers: the architects, the strategists, the auteur. Ginnels’ Crowns brings that conversation into the indie sphere, and its that victory, and not geographical concerns that place it so highly in our end-of-year list." - Totally Dublin


September MUMBLIN’ DEAF RO: ‘Dictionary Crimes’

"These über-personal songs depict topics such as the gravity of serious illness and the anxiety of parenthood with an astonishing, sometimes brutally honest lyrical clarity…  Another beautiful, intimate album from a hugely underrated songwriter." - The Irish Times


November ‘PLUNDERPHONICS - A Tribute to Big Monster Love’

"Having seen the Swords-based musician Big Monster Love live a couple of times, I could understand why you would want to make a tribute album to him. His songs are brittle, beautiful things charmingly played on acoustic guitar and relayed with what could be called a trademark Irish humour: cheek, slang terms, honesty, tenderness and truth.” - Nialler9


December SKELOCRATS: ‘The Complete Skelocrats’

"Possibly inadvertently Skelocrats are now the best thing on Popical Island (That’s not faint praise, by the way.)" - Thumped

5 December 12

Video for Baby Reappraisal by Skelocrats, directed by Bobby from No Monster Club.

Keep your eyes tuned to for the release/stream of The Complete Skelocrats this afternoon.

26 June 12

Compilations #1 & #2 are now FREE


Posted: 2:59 PM


A FREE all day party with about 20 bands playing on two stages to celebrate the launch of our third and final compilation!

Confirmed to play on the day:

Biggles Flys Again

Big Monster Love


Grand Pocket Orchestra


Jonny Fun and the…Hesitations

Land Lovers

Lie Ins

little xs for eyes

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro

No Monster Club

The #1s

Patrick Kelleher

The Run Ons




Walpurgis Family

Yeh Deadlies

More info coming as we have it! We hope to see you there.

18 June 12

The Herring and The Brine is FIVE

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro’s classic second album ‘The Herring and the Brine’ was 5 years old this weekend. To celebrate that he’s put it all up on soundcloud for your listening & downloading pleasure.

Another new edition to the internet this weekend is this tumblr collecting reviews and interviews from the time of the album’s release.

We’ll be putting out his third album, the stunning ‘Dictionary Crimes’, in September. We can’t wait for you to hear it.

Posted: 1:02 PM

CROWNS sampler

Free download of 4 tracks from the forthcoming DOUBLE album from Mark Chester’s GINNELS, coming August 2012!

And here’s a video made by Chester and Bobby, summer nightmares ahoy!

Ginnels - It’s Not a Summer (Without You) from Bobby Aherne on Vimeo.

6 June 12

Popical Island #3!

The third and final compilation.

23 solid aluminum hits from the Popical crew and assorted guests from the wider independent pop milieu.

Available on tape, CD and download.

Every physical copy in it’s own unique hand painted cover.

Free all day (and night) launch party in Whelans on July 7th.

You can hear Squarehead’s contribution exclusively on Nialler9 by clicking these words.

Keep your ears peeled for more tantalising tidbits of sound coming soon.


16 May 12

Dott play POPICALIA #15 this Friday In Eamon Doran’s Tavern On The Green with The #1s & Tieranniesaur. It’s the Dublin launch for their ace debut EP ‘Button’. Other dates around the country include:
May 17th Roisin Dubh, Galway. With Elk & Bouts
May 24th Bourkes, Limerick. With Hal.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh